hair that smells bad even after shampoo

Smelly Scalp & Hair

You might be shocked to find out that over 50% of people suffer from smelly scalp or what most people refer to as scalp odor and different times in their life.

What Causes Scalp Odor?

Scalp odors are typically caused by an excess build up of bacteria inside the hair follicle. There are times that fungus will also contribute to this. The scalp and hair follicle is home to millions of different types of bacteria. The body has its own natural way of keeping these bacteria and fungus in check. However, there are many times that these fungus and bacteria become abundant and the result is many different problems.

Excess bacteria on the scalp can cause:

Scalp Odors or Smelly Scalp

Scalp Acne

Scalp Dandruff

Scalp Fungus such as ringworm

Scalp Bumps

Scalp Folliculitis

     and Hair Loss!

The bacteria that causes scalp smell typically hides in the hair follicles. To get to this bacteria the hair follicle must first be deep cleansed. This is done with special herbs and special aminos. Together they wipe out the bacteria and with it the smelly hair or scalp that so many people tend to suffer from. Once this bacteria is removed it is wise to shampoo your hair with this special shampoo once a week or once every other week to make sure that the bacteria does not come back and cause any more odor of the scalp. Here are some of the best products and shampoo for scalp odor that get the job done. They are herbal based and break down the build up inside the hair follicle that causes scalp problems.