Smelly Hair Remedies

Smelly Hair is not a typical problem but over 7% of women and men have this problem. What do these 99% of these people have in common? They have bacteria in the follicle of the hair. They are not deep cleansing out years of build up that can literally cover the opening of the hair follicles. The sebum gland inside the hair follicle becomes over active trying to push out this bacteria, products build and debris. This can lead to even further problems since the bacteria and scalp fungus tend to live (eat) the scalp oils. This is why you often see scalp acne with an excessively oily scalp.

Do you Recommend A Shampoo For Deep Cleansing?

Absolutely! Check Out Our Herbal Products that are designed to literally dissolve the years of hardened scalp oils, product build up as well other dirt and similar problems. When you remove the build up and irrigate the follicle which allows it to clear out the bacteria and hard as a rock sebum then normal scalp and hair conditions will return.

Not any herbal shampoo will do. It takes a very special combination of herbs and minerals to get the job done!

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